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Origin of the Werewolf Legend

Greek Mythology and Werewolf

Portrait of a Werewolf and the Transformation Process

A Ritual

Werewolves' Cases From Medieval French Chronicles

Possible Explanations of Werewolf Phenomenon

Modern Werewolf Cases from Scientific View Point

Related Information

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Greek Mythology and Werewolf

Greek mythology also testifies the existence of werewolves. God Zeus once disguised himself as a traveler and sought for hospitality to the court of vicious Arcadian King Lycaon. The King recognized the God and tried to kill Him by serving him human flesh. God Zeus caught the terrible trick and did not eat. Outraged, He destroyed the palace and condemned Lycaon to spend rest of his life as a wolf. Most probably this mythology originated the Greek word “Lycanthrope” which is actually synonymous to werewolf. (Greek lykos - wolf, and anthropos - man.)

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