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Werewolves' Cases From Medieval French Chronicles

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Modern Werewolf Cases from Scientific View Point

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The Myths and Truths Surrounding Werewolf Legend:

So, what actually is werewolf or lycanthropy? Is it a fact based on concrete evidences? Is it a myth, fabrication of feeble minds? Is it an exaggeration of some other things? Well, all these questions have been puzzling mankind for last 5 centuries. Though many ingenious hypotheses have been suggested as possible explanations, definite conclusion can't be drawn. Some experts have tried to observe it as purely supernatural phenomena while others have relied on  scientific observations. Contradictions and debates still persist and will continue till any single theory solves the jigsaw which seems unlikely considering complexity and diversity of the topic. Nonetheless, the werewolf phenomenon has not perished yet; recent werewolf sightings are still reported.

The word werewolf is most likely to derive from two old-Saxon words, wer (meaning man) and wolf. Frequently used Greek terms Lycanthropy refers to the transformation process while Lycanthrope, which is in fact synonymous to werewolf, is the afflicted person. The popular definition of werewolf or lycanthrope is a man who transforms himself or being transformed into a wolf under the influence of full moon.

This web site has followed on scientific ideas while explaining possible sources and causes of werewolf legend. Popular and supernatural beliefs has been also mentioned for instant comparison. The site starts with the origin of the legend citing the oldest recorded werewolf encounter. Then, portraits and  transformation process have been sketched with a brief depiction of an alleged ritual as per historical documents and literatures. Some recorded French werewolf trials have been referred for understanding the trend of general sentiment towards the phenomena during the middle ages. Most important part of the website is the possible explanations of werewolf phenomenon where scientific explanation of lycanthropy has been discussed in details. Another uniqueness of the site is that some important items and concepts related to werewolf has been illustrated. For further research on this topic please visit the web links or read the recommended books on the reference page.

The site has been developed keeping you in mind. Easy navigational links are always with you wherever you go. Larger font with enough space is for your easy on-screen reading. Moreover, important points are highlighted for quick scanning of the materials. You will also find printer friendly version of each pages.

Some information on this web page has been quoted from the Time-Life Book titled Transformation. You will find details of the book on Reference page.

This site is only the starting point of a long journey. If you like to join in, you are most welcome. Your contributions will definitely enrich this site; all worthy contributions will be updated on readers comments page. Feel free to drop any suggestion, observations or contribution through the feedback form. And don't forget to put up your comments on message board for open discussion.

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