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Origin of the Werewolf Legend

Greek Mythology and Werewolf

Portrait of a Werewolf and the Transformation Process

A Ritual

Werewolves' Cases From Medieval French Chronicles

Possible Explanations of Werewolf Phenomenon

Modern Werewolf Cases from Scientific View Point

Related Information

Readers' Contribution

Message Board







Werewolf Article from Wikipedia:

Clinical Lycanthropy from Wikipedia:

Werwolf Legend from Germany:

Recent Case of Hypertrichosis


Werewolf, Lycanthrope

Werewolves (Contains a comprehensive list of werewolf books and films)

Howling at the Moon: Modern Day Lycanthropy

Allen Varney: The History of Werewolves

The Werewolf Page

Skeptic World-Werewolf

A Case of Lycanthropy--Rostenstock and Vincent

Howling at the Moon: Modern-day Lycanthropy

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The following book you should read to clear your understanding about werewolf. Here is a complete description of that book:

Book Title: Mysteries of the Unknown: Transformations
Publisher: Time-Life-Books

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